Shopkins Childrens/Girls Official All-Over Character Printed Skater Dress

  • Girls skater dress, with all-over sublimation print.
  • Features all of your favourite characters, including Apple Blossom and Kookie Cookie.
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Lycra.
  • Please also be aware that the sublimation process means that every garment is printed individually, so every garment is 100% unique.
  • You also may see white marks under the arms and along the seams.
  • This is where the fabric bunches up slightly during the application process.
  • Although the image we provide is just an example of 1 individually printed dress, it is an accurate representation of the quality garment we provide.
Size5 years
Size9 years
Size3 years
Size11 years
Size13 years

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